Ponies In Real Life Pictures #1

Outside, it may be foggy, but they don't seem to care!

Playing outside in the sunlight

So that’s my first picture to present to you. Scootaloo might be trying to up her coolness, but it’s not working so well because her so-called “sister” isn’t listening! Twilight might be planning some kind of escape plan, but I don’t have any idea. When I came out to my driveway, this is exactly what I saw. “Where did they come from?” 🙂

Early in the morning, probably about 6 AM

Early in the morning, probably about 6 AM

And when I woke up on a sunny morning, this is what I saw. A bunch of ponies on my couch looking all tired and stuff. (sorry about the thing around Sunset Shimmer)

Those were two pictures I had to show you.

Have a lovely March! ❤



Animal Jam-Owls!I

I would like to say that I have just figured out, and with excitement and cheer, OWLS have now called Animal Jam their home. And they are in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds. (I have 8. 2 MORE.) hqdefaultanimal-jam-owls-codes-3-256x300 I’ve posted some media here so everyone can see. They came out last Thursday and at least 100 jammers already have them. Maybe more. But here’s a owl characterpicture so everyone knows they came out. I have so many PICTURES………………………….. But that’s enough media (or proof) that OWLS came. I’ve kind of had a 2-posts-in-1-day marathon. First time I had one. I still haven’t gotten an owl, but I’ll be sure to post it if I DO get one. I entered a challenge to win 5 diamonds. Wish me luck. I might have a new blog out some day, but I’ll still post here. I hope you liked this post!

Starting to post some Animal Jam

So there’s this website I found-it’s called Animal Jam, and it’s a very good website. It’s like, a virtual game, with animals you can play as. They have a virtual party every 30 minutes, and each one has its own title and theme. If you like, I can post some media here.Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.04.59 PM

I hope you like the picture. Also you can choose wacky names for your animal. Like Snowflake Tiny violet or something.

“Rosy” used to be “Rosy” with an E before the Y, but they decided they liked “Rosy” better. You can also have pets, if you can see that little anglerfish next to Snowflake Icy violet. So yeah. That is pretty much how it looks. Let me post another picture because I’m getting a little bored. Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 4.10.22 PM If anyone plays this, I hope you enjoy it. Because I have a little surprise in the next post.

Back with Ponies in Real Life!

I am finally back and I have not posted since last year! I just wanted to say Happy New Year and I am working on ponies in real life! I tried to add some media but it took forever to load. But I will try to get it in when I finish this post. I use PowerPoint to make them, if you were wondering. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I will try to post as much Ponies in real Life as possible! 🙂 Have a good day!


And just so everyone knows where to find videos from other people of ponies, I will post a link or two here, so WAIT-stay here!

If you have already stopped reading, come back to this post later.

Here are the links:

Unfortunately, I only got to posting one link today. Sorry if it doesn’t work, if that happens, I don’t know what to tell you.


It was the day of the best young flyer competition. Rainbow Dash was waiting. But she was nervous. She was only a small filly. Could she pull this off? Soon she would be a big pony. She would have enough courage to fly out in front of everypony. But now? She couldn’t. She tried to escape, but all the doors were locked. She could get out through the big curtains that lead to the cloud arena for the competition, but then everypony would see her leave and they would go after her. The head mare, Cloudshimmer, tapped on a light grey pegasus with a blond mane. She said, “Miss Derpy Hooves, er, number one, let’s go!” Derpy flew out of the curtains. Rainbow Dash was number two. She gasped. There was nothing she could do about it. Cloudshimmer said, “Number two, you’re up!” Rainbow Dash nervously flew out. She watched all the ponies staring at her. She zoomed up to the sun. Then she flew back down so fast it was like a bullet flying through the sky. She closed her eyes. A GIANT rainbow fiery circle exploded the arena. It was her sonic rainboom. Everypony cheered. Rainbow was asleep on the cloud. Princess Celestia, a white pony with a horn, wings, a pink, blue, and turquoise mane, pink eyes, a crown, necklace and princess shoes, and a sun for a cutie mark, placed the golden winged crown carefully on her head. Rainbow Dash was carried to a giant cloud to sleep. It seemed like she could pull it off. Continued in Part 4.

The Snowstorm (PONY STORY) Part 2

It was a glorious morning. Rainbow Dash was sleeping lightly. She woke up. The light was on. Meanwhile, at Cloudsdale Official Elementary+Flight school for Pegasi, everypony was in their seats. “Now,” said Mrs. Cloudfeather. “Why don’t you get out your flight books and turn to page 75-Oh, finally you’re here!” Rainbow Dash stepped inside. She was late. “As I was saying, please turn to page 758. Now anypony read the first paragraph?” Fluttershy raised her hoof up in the air. “Miss Fluttershy?” Fluttershy read the paragraph. “Did you know that the Sonic Rainboom is not a mare’s tale? It has happened before-with the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria. Some ponies may think it’s just an old mare’s tale. But the Sonic Rainboom has happened-just wait, you’ll see. Only the fastest pegasus in Equestria can perform it-Someone with Rainbow Powers. (Continued In Part 3)