New Bug Found – My Little Pony Gameloft App

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but here…

I discovered a “bug” on the My Little Pony Gameloft app.

When playing the minecart mini game on the app, you are able to fall through the ground and get hurt although you did nothing.

This happened to me a few minutes ago, and since I couldn’t find much media on it (I rushed, there may have been some) I decided to just post it here.

EDIT: I have discovered that there is no media on this, so I cannot insert a picture.

This didn’t seem fair to me, because I didn’t crash into a barrel or fall through a gap.

I don’t know if I really fell through a gap and the timing was wrong, or what, but it was a really strange bug. It has happened to me before.


This is off topic, but I am trying to reach Level 16 tonight so I can play the Equestria Girls mini game! I’m only two levels away!



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