My Little Pony Gameloft App: Currencies

The first currency is Hearts. (we already talked about Gems in a post. If you haven’t read it yet, go read it now!)

Hearts (Heart) can be found in treasure chests from friends. (That’s the only way I know to find them.)

You can play Heart Balloon Pop for 30 Heart or buy special ponies, shops, and decor with Heart.

Heart can be gifted in a chest to your friend every 24 hours.

Hearts don’t have much features to talk about, so moving on.

Element Shards are the Element of Harmony shards that belong to each of the six ponies.

Applejack-Honesty (Honesty_Shard)

Rainbow Dash-Loyalty (Loyalty_Shard)

Pinkie Pie-Laughter (Laughter_Shard)

Rarity-Generosity (Generosity_Shard)

Fluttershy-Kindness (Kindness_Shard)

Twilight Sparkle-Magic (Magic_Shard-1)

When a harmony stone is activated, you can spend element shards on it for Bits and a 2% chance of Gems. (very low chance)

To activate a Harmony stone, you have to first uncover the area it is in (uncover an expansion zone) and you have to then reach a certain number of that shard.

You can use element shards to defeat enemies like Parasprites and Bats. You can also use element shards in the Everfree Forest (newest update) to defeat plunder seed vines and cragadiles (pond uncovered by expanding, and no, it’s not crocodiles, they call it cragadiles)

Element shards can also be produced from Totems that you can make in Zecora’s Hut located in the Everfree Forest. There are different size totems that produce different amounts.

Bits (Bit) are the main in-game currency.

Bit can be used to buy ponies, shops, and decor in the store.

Bit can also be used to uncover expansion zones.

Bit are mainly used for score multipliers in the mini-games.

Examples: x1, (100Bit) x2, (1000 Bit).

There is also x4 that requires 5 Gem to be used.

Bit can be produced by spending element shards on an activated Harmony Stone. There is a very high chance of bits but a low chance of gems.

Bit can also be produced from shops when the item being made in the shop is finished.

Bit can be won in Balloon Pop games and they can also be won in prizes from mini-games (Only the Equestria Girls dance mini-game and the mine cart mini-game.)

You can also tap on items in the scenery of Ponyville or Canterlot to achieve Bit.  If you’re lucky, sometimes mine cart wheels (Minecart-wheel-token) can be produced from trees or statues. It’s happened to me many times.

Last currency: XP (Star)

Star is the currency used to raise your level.

You can earn Star from shops, and when a new pony arrives, you can also earn Star. You can ALSO get Star from completing quests in-game.

Well, that’s all I feel like writing for today. Hope this page helped!


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