The Snowstorm (PONY STORY) Part 2

It was a glorious morning. Rainbow Dash was sleeping lightly. She woke up. The light was on. Meanwhile, at Cloudsdale Official Elementary+Flight school for Pegasi, everypony was in their seats. “Now,” said Mrs. Cloudfeather. “Why don’t you get out your flight books and turn to page 75-Oh, finally you’re here!” Rainbow Dash stepped inside. She was late. “As I was saying, please turn to page 758. Now anypony read the first paragraph?” Fluttershy raised her hoof up in the air. “Miss Fluttershy?” Fluttershy read the paragraph. “Did you know that the Sonic Rainboom is not a mare’s tale? It has happened before-with the fastest pegasus in all of Equestria. Some ponies may think it’s just an old mare’s tale. But the Sonic Rainboom has happened-just wait, you’ll see. Only the fastest pegasus in Equestria can perform it-Someone with Rainbow Powers. (Continued In Part 3)


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