It was a dark and stormy night. The Castle of the Two Sisters stood on a cliff deep in the Everfree Forest. Shadows rose to the skies. Until one small shadow covered the walls of the castle. This little filly was brave enough though. She was the fastest of them all-Rainbow Dash. As she trotted inside, she looked around. Outside the window was the moon. She could tell that Nightmare Moon would come back-in 6 months. She opened the doors to a room. Inside stood a holder. It was holding the most legendary items in all of Equestria-The Elements of Harmony. She trotted over to them. One of them rolled off and fell open. Rainbow Dash gasped. She ran her hooves over the beloved necklace. She put it on and ran outside the castle. She started flying up and she started her journey up to Cloudsdale to get back in bed. (Continued in part 2)



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