10 Facts about Animal Jam You May Not Know

I’ve got 10 facts about Animal Jam that you may not know.

1. Animal Jam is educational.

2. Animal Jam made memberships so they could get money to keep the site up and running.

3. Before they had the Diamond Shop, there was a hiding place there.

4. Before the Arcade existed, it was a story room.

5. You can get rare items from Return of the Phantoms (an adventure) in hard mode.

6. News comes out every 15 days.

7. All the places didn’t come at once. The Outback was not there for a while.

8. Sky High can give you rare prizes, you just have to get under 70 gems from it.

9. Freedom hats are actually beta (or from the old days)

10. Arctic wolves were the first animals in the diamond shop.


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